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Summer Fics Rec List: Bring on the Sun!


Who's ready for summer?! (I know I am!)

To kick off a summer of all things bottom!Draco, I made a little list of fun summer recs!  Sandy beaches, sex as hot as the summer sun, fluff, romance, and a few serious fics are waiting for you to devour.
Ready, set, go! ^_^
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Harry Potter Rare Pair Cliche Fest!

I'm so excited for the Harry Potter Rare Pair Cliche Fest!

(Note the fest rules & the disqualified pairing list.)

I'm off to submit some prompts, & you should too! *^_^*
(Hmm...Bill/Draco, Neville/Draco, bottom!Remus?  So many great pairings to choose from!)

Holiday Recs to Keep You Warm (Batch 3) ^_^

Happy Christmas! ^_^

To celebrate this festive time, here is my last (& biggest) batch of holiday recs.  Eat, drink, be merry, & enjoy a warm helping of fiction fluff!
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Holiday Recs to Keep You Warm (Batch 2) :)

The Holidays season is going strong!

Cremebunny has done an adorable snuggly Draco for winter!) *^_^*

It's put me in the mood for another batch of wintery holiday recs:
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Happy Holidays! (Isn't this pic by cremebunny adorable?!) *^_^*

It's put me in the mood for a batch of wintery holiday recs:
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A Bottom!Remus Community?!

I've started expanding my slash reading more & more recently & I discovered the bottom_remus community!
b rembot12a
It hasn't grown much, but a lot of great fics (& art) are posted on a convenient masterlist.

If bottom!remus tickles your fancy, head on over & support this community! *^_^*


2013 Bottom!Draco Adaptations Fest!

I'm totally excited for the new Bottom!Draco Fest!! *^_^*

Art and banner by cremebunny

Fest schedule:
*16 Nov 2012 - Claiming opens
15 Feb 2013 - Claiming closes/Submissions due
1 March 2013 - Posting begins!

Fest links:
Rules & Information: HERE
Pimping banners: HERE

Hooray for more bottom!Draco love! <3

Halloween Art & Fics!

The Snape_Draco Fest has been extended!

The Snape_Draco Fest is in full swing!

*I'm totally excited! *^_^* It's almost time for posting!
Why One Attends Chapel at Midnight by Materia Indigo

I wanted to add this fic to my delicious.com page, but it is no longer online (to my despair).  But thanks to the fabulous appleling and hidders I have access to a copy (to my delight)!  So I thought I'd put this entry as the link for anyone who wants a copy of the fic.  Just comment with your email or send me a message so I can pass a copy to you. 

Another big thanks to appleling and hidders for my copy!


This is an ongoing list of all the different fanfics that I have bookmarked. It's primarily harry potter or lotr fics (generally slash).

I hope others can get lots of enjoyment out of these recs! So far I have only recorded a fraction of all the great fanfics in my bookmarks. I hope everything is organized and easy to find...(I'm still working out the tag system).


*Now you have to click the background of each fic listing to see the summaries! (There may be comments from other people, but my summaries should still be there, I think.)